מן האבוס עד סיום|From nursery to high school

Von der Krippe bis zum Abitur

Shalom and a warm welcome from the Joseph-Carlebach-Bildungshaus, a Jewish school for everyone. Our all-day private school with preschool is officially state-approved.

The Bildungshaus is constantly growing and, today, it is a place of learning and living for Jewish as well as non-Jewish pupils with the most diverse talents and strengths. On our homepage you will gain insights into our everyday school life and the respective subjects at our school.

We look forward to meeting you!

Bildungshaus team


13. November 2020 | 26. Cheschwan 5781
Kaifu – united against anti-Semitism

We would like to thank the KAIFU Grammar School for their heartfelt solidarity. We are touched and grateful.

30. January 2021 | 17. Schwat 5781​
Jewish life in Hamburg

1700 years of Jewish life in Germany; Hamburg joins the celebration. For further information, please, visit