למידה דיגיטלית | Digital Learning

Digitales Lernen

The digital transformation is fundamentally changing learning and teaching in schools. Dealing with digital media is already an important topic for children in primary school and takes up a lot of space in their every day lives. The new media – combined with a sensible pedagogical concept – can support and advance our teaching regarding individual support, inclusion, pupil activation and cooperative work.

E-learning does not mean that textbooks, notebooks and pens are digitally replaced, but is opening up new possibilities for the learning process. We take digital learning in our school very seriously and are in a constant developing process.

In summer 2020 we introduced the Moodle learning platform for grades 9 to 13, which has been constantly improved and adapted to our needs ever since. For this, we work closely together with the students, who can provide us with important feedback on their daily work with the learning platform. In addition to Moodle we are also working with BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton was developed as an open source web conferencing system for e-learning, which is easy to operate.

BBB enables us to:

  • Video and audio-conferences (for further information look at “Important information for a BBB-conference)
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Cooperative working via whiteboard
  • Incorporating presentations
  • Making surveys
  • Using Breakoutrooms for small groups